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Residential Consultation​​
  • Home Office: Sometimes our home office becomes a catch all space. We are here to help clear the clutter and find an effective way to manage all that you need to file, keep, toss, or simply sort through. 

  • Kitchen: It's all about usable space. Lets find function in the number one used space in your home. An extra hand can make this a one day project that has a home owner feeling accomplished!​

  • Pantry: However you utilize your pantry there is always a need to refresh this luxury. Whether you want to make it aesthetically friendly or you are looking for pure function, we can help!

  • Family Room: The family room can be used in so many ways. No matter what your use is for this space, I can help clear the clutter and leave you with a more functional home. 

  • Living Room: Most people 'Live' in this space. It can get messy quick. I'm here to help you sort through what you really need to live, and what can help you feel at peace while spending time in your main area of living. 

  • Play Space: Usable play space. Our experience and many hours of research will speak for itself when we use Montessori approved ideas to transform your kids play room into a functional room they love to use.

  • Closet: Everyone has a closet that could use to be reorganized at any given time. Sometimes you just need a helping hand. We have tons of space saving ideas, practical applications, and who doesn't love a good closet overhaul!

  • Bathroom: This can range from a tiny bathroom that is need of storage solutions to a massive suite that is fully furnished. We offer assistance with it all.

  • Utility Room/Mud Room: Here in Michigan we have the luxury of a true utility room space. If it's your laundry room you are concerned with, or a space filling up with rarely used items, we can help you find a home for necessary things and sort through those less needed.  ​


  • Garages/Pole Barns: With a helping hand you can drastically cut down the time you would spend organizing and cleaning out your garage or pole barn. With an in person consultation we can determine what you'll need to make ease of the project at hand. 

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